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DL-410KA tray sealing equipment is a kind of tray food sealer. Double startup safety switch is adopted to guarantee operator safety. The whole automatic packing process can be completed by just pressing the start switch.

Application of Tray Food Sealer

DL-410KA tray sealing equipment is applicable to fresh-keeping packaging of all types of boxed fresh, cooked food, such as cool fresh meat, cooked meat products, fast food, pastry, rice noodle, cheese, soy products, aquatic products, poultry and other boxed foods.
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Technical Characters of Tray Food Sealer

1. Control System: OMRON PLC programmable control system. The data setting and motion control are accurate and the performance is reliable, so the operation is easier.
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2. Pneumatic System: SMC pneumatic elements.
The quality of the sealer tray equipment is stable and reliable. Frequent equipment failures, suspension of work and other quality accident caused by component quality can be avoided.
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3. Main Structure Material: Regarding to the main structure material, tray sealing equipment adopts 304 Stainless Steel, which is safe and easy to clean.
4. Easily replaceable of sealing mould: Different size of the trays is available according to different requirements.
5. Work status indication
Tray sealing equipment uses an operating program status and failure real-time display function to monitor the equipment and ensure the normal operation.
6. Packing executive system
The totally enclosed packing executive system is isolated from the operator to completely eliminate the potential hazard in the packing process.
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7. Automatic conveying system: special stainless steel conveying system is adopted. It’s safe, healthy, reliable and more convenient to clean.
8. Emergency stop switch
Tray sealing equipment is equipped with an emergency stop switch which can be pressed in case of abnormal condition to terminate all ongoing work programs and guarantee the safety of equipment and personnel.
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9. Heavy duty casters: Universal caster wheels with brake function are mounted at the bottom of the equipment for users to move and fix the sealer.
10. The microcomputer programmable controller and man-machine interface touch-screen control system are used in the tray food sealer.

Technology Specification

Model DL-410KA Tray Sealing Equipment
Packaging Tray Dimensions(mm) 490 × 290 × 80
Max Width of Film(mm) 500
Max Diameter of Film(mm) 300
Packaging Speed(time/m) 6 to 8
Electrical Requirement 1P/220V/50HZ
Working Pressure(MPA) 0.6 to 0.8
Consume Power(kW) 2.0kW
Machine Weight(Kg) 600
Machine Size(mm) 2800 × 1030 × 1500

Die Plates Available Format

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