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Map Tray Sealer


Map tray sealer (modified atmosphere packaging equipment) adopts Germany BUSCH vacuum pump (high oxygen vacuum pump). When the oxygen ratio is up to 21%, it needs to be equipped with Germany high oxygen vacuum pump. Furthermore, because of the ratio of oxygen is too high, the gas flushing tray sealer could avoid the accident of deflagration.

Application of Modified Atmosphere Packaging Equipment

Map tray sealer is widely applicable to fresh meat, cooked meat, fish, poultry, shellfish, fruit, coffee, tea, vegetables, bread, and supermarket-distribution foods.

Characters of Modified Atmosphere Packaging Equipment

1. The Germany WITT gas mixer
It adopts real-time gas mixing, which accuracy is higher than ± 1%. The quality of food packing of each box is guaranteed to be always consistent. The quality and preservation period of the packed food are controlled effectively.
2. Map tray sealer assures the quality, retain freshness, keep color, preserve shape, and keep flavor. 3 According to different fresh-keeping gases required by the food, mixing ratio is classified into three fresh-keeping gases, two fresh-keeping gases and one fresh-keeping gas to meet the different needs.
4. High vacuum degree and long service life leads to reliable quality of the map tray sealer.
5. When all specifications are settled, the operation of vacuum, gas flushing, sealing, cutting and film recycle will be accomplish automatically after pushing the mould into machine.