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About us

Dajiang Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd. engages in processing, manufacturing and selling an extensive range of high-quality map tray sealer and vacuum packing machines with various types and specifications.


Our products are classified into vacuum packaging machine, tray sealing machine, sous vide machine, etc. These products can be further described as:
1. Vacuum packaging machine, covering table top packing machine, floor packing machine, double chamber packing machine, external strip packing machine, automatic continuous packing machine, roll packing machine, and vertical packing machine.
2. Tray sealing machine, including map tray sealer, floor type map tray sealing machine, table top tray sealing machine, and manual tray sealer.
3. Sous vide machine, consisting of SV-08 sous vide machine, SV-12 sous vide machine, SV-26 sous vide machine, and SV-56 sous vide machine.


These products that cover a vast range are applied to almost all fields, including various food, marine food, grain, fruit, pickles, preserved fruit, chemical medicine, electronic parts, precision instruments, rare metals, fresh meat, cooked meat, fish, poultry, shellfish, coffee, tea, vegetables, bread, desserts, supermarket-distribution foods, etc.


In these years of development, we gradually imported the most sophisticated equipment and testing instruments from developed countries and regions like America (America, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru ), Europe (Germany, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Russia), Southeast Asia (Japan, South Korea, Turkey ), Africa (Egypt, Algeria, South Africa), etc. Our technology characters can be further described as:
1. Gas displacement system can minimize the residual oxygen content within the packing pallet and effectively guarantee the mixing precision of the mixed gas within the food packing pallet.
2. The totally enclosed vacuum chamber gas replacement technology is used to guarantee the high replacement rate (replacement rate ≥ 99%).
3. France Schneider Electric Elements features long service life and high applicability to assure reliable quality.
4. Microcomputer control system is used for setting precise and stable vacuuming, sealing time according to different packing materials and packing requirements, which is easy to operate.
5. Equipped with high efficiency vacuum pump, lower noise and big capacity, our vacuum packing equipment works steadily and reliably.


1. Our vacuum packaging machines have passed the certification to the Germany TUV and CE tests, and our product’s UL certification is proceeding.
2. We have established our research and operation center. And a product development team is consists of five professional mechanical engineers.


Sine establishment, we have been committed to putting customer needs as top priority and we have always been adhering to this concept by delivering excellent quality and supreme services, and we will always continue our commitment and adherence. All the products sold out enjoy one year warranty. The delivery cycle is usually from one week to one month. That depends on the quantity of products. We also engage in OEM.
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