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Manual Tray Sealer


Manual tray sealing machine has compact designs, which uses 304 stainless steel to adapt the market situation where a healthy, tasteful and convenient packaged in a hygienic, high-quality way has been enjoyed popularity..
The manual tray sealing machine has skillful craftsmanship at a great value for money, which is suitable for supermarkets, small kitchens and shops.

Application of Tray Sealers Food Packaging

Manual tray sealing machine is applicable to fresh-keeping packaging of all types of boxed fresh, cooked food, such as cool fresh meat, cooked meat products, fast food, pastry, rice noodle, cheese, soy products, aquatic products, poultry and other boxed foods.

Advantages of Tray Sealers Food Packaging

Earned CE certificate
Mould is changeable

Features of Tray Sealers Food Packaging

1. Regarding to the main structure material, the manual tray sealing machine adopts 304 Stainless Steel, which is safe and easy to clean.
2. Easily replaceable of sealing mould: Different size of the trays is available according to different requirements.
3. Stable and safe temperature control system.
4. Friendly and simple in operation for users.
5. Tray sealers food packaging in customized dimension is available to be made according to your tray.