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Regarding to the main structure, the vacuum packaging machine is primarily made of 304 Stainless Steel.
The DZ-800 vacuum sealer is equipped with large vacuum chamber and wide application. The sealing bar is up to 800mm, which is suitable for packing large meat and medicine.

Scope of application of Vacuum Packaging Machine

The DZ-800 vacuum sealer is applicable to vacuum packing of various food, medicine, marine food, chemical product and electrical product.

Technical Characters of DZ-800 vacuum sealer

1. Microcomputer control system is used for precise and stable setting vacuuming and sealing time according to different packing materials and packing requirements, which is easy to operate.
2. With big capacity vacuum pump which could achieve maximum vacuum degree in short time and improve working efficiency.
3. The vacuum chamber is made of stainless steel. It is easy to clean during the operation.
4. The "V” shaped chamber lid gasket is made of high-density material, which ensures sealing performance.
5. Service life of sealing tape can be extended by using compressed and wearing resistance material, and change frequency can be also reduced.
6. The DZ-800 vacuum sealer uses simple operation design. After setting parameter of all packing, then turning on the power switch, the desired vacuum packing and sealing can be carried out.
7. The lid makes use of the stainless steel cover, which features exquisite appearance, good sealing, and high mechanism intensity.
8. The heavy-duty casters (with brake) on the machine features superior load bearing performance, so that the user can move the machine with ease.
9. The DZ-800 vacuum sealer is equipped with emergency stop switch. In case of an accident, the operator can press the emergency stop switch at any time to terminate the ongoing work program and make the equipment restore the initial state.
10. The free-floating type hinge of the lid guarantees the stability the lid, prolonging the service life of the lid.
11. The vacuum lid is designed with exquisite appearance, good sealing effect and high mechanical strength. It completely avoids deformation and leaking and other problems.

Technology Specification

Model DZ-800 Vacuum Sealer
Machine Dimensions(mm) 950×690×1000
Chamber Dimensions(mm) 820 × 580 × 200
Sealer Dimensions(mm) 480 × 8 / 800 × 8
Vacuum Pump(m³/h) 45/63/100
Power Consumption(kW) 2.2
Electrical Requirement(v/Hz) 380/50
Production Cycle(times/min) 1 to 2
Net Weight(kg) 252
Shipping Dimensions(mm) 1030 × 760 × 1120

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Vacuum Packaging Machine
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