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Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine


Double chamber vacuum packaging machine uses lid to cover the two vacuum chambers alternatively in order to improve the working efficiency, when one of them is processing vacuuming, the other could be used to accommodate contents.

Application of Vacuum Sealing Machinery

Double chamber vacuum packaging machine is applied in all kinds of soft packaging material, food, medicine, aquatic product, chemical material, electronic part etc

Features of Vacuum Sealing Machinery

1. Microcomputer control system is used for precise and stable setting vacuuming and sealing time according to different packing material and packing requirement, easily for operation.
2. With big capacity vacuum pump which could achieve maximum vacuum degree in short time and improve working efficiency.
3. The double chamber vacuum packaging machine composes flat vacuum chamber, and it is easy to clean during the operation. The machine is primarily made of #304 stainless steel.
4. The "V” shaped chamber lid gasket is made of high-density material, which ensures sealing performance.
5. Service life of sealing tape can be extended by using compressed and wearing resistance material, and change frequency can be also reduced.
6. The floated vacuum pump improved the working efficiency.
7. The double chamber vacuum packaging machine is equipped with an emergency stop switch which can be pressed in case of abnormal condition to terminate all ongoing work programs and guarantee the safety of equipment and personnel.
8. The heavy-duty casters (with brake) on the machine features superior load bearing performance, so that the user can move the machine with ease.