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Tray Sealer


Table top tray sealer is easy to operate: putting the tray into down mould, then pushing the down mould forward into sealing mould, and after accomplishing sealing and cutting, pulling the mould and taking tray out from down mould.


Modified atmosphere packaging equipment is suitable for small scale store and super market small quantity packaging. Table top tray sealer is applicable to pack of cool fresh meat, cooked meat products, fast food, pastry, rice noodle, cheese, soy products, aquatic products, poultry and other foods.

Advantages of Modified Atmosphere Packaging Equipment

1. Our table top tray sealer have passed the certification to the CE tests
2. The mould is changeable: one machine is available for multiple different size trays.

Features of Modified Atmosphere Packaging Equipment

1. Internal PC Control System: the machine is easy to operate.
2. The main structure material ensures the exquisite appearance and prolong the shelf life when the machine in bad condition.