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Automatic Continuous Vacuum Packaging Machine

Model: DZ-1000WF-A/B


Automatic continuous vacuum packaging machine achieves the goal of continuous operation by using the bottom plates of the two vacuum chambers with alternative fore-and-after movements. Depending on the size of the contents and different requirements, one or two gland strips can be set within one chamber in order to improve working efficiency.
The bottom plates of the two vacuum chambers of the series can move in two modes: pneumatic driving and mechanical driving.

Application of Vacuum Packing Equipment

Automatic continuous vacuum packaging machine is applicable to vacuum packing of food, medicine, marine food, chemical product and electrical product.
Vacuum Packaging Machine

Features of Vacuum Packing Equipment

1. Programmable controller and text display control panel are used for setting precise and stable parameter. The work status and equipment operating program are absolutely clear.
2. TAIWAN AIRTAC pneumatic element ensures the running of pneumatic element to be stable and reliable.
3. The automatic continuous vacuum packaging machine is equipped with high-power efficient vacuum pump to make the packing bag to obtain a higher degree of vacuum in a short time, which improve the work efficiency
4. The stainless steel lid is sturdy and durable to guarantee long-term and trouble-free operation and provide more conveniences for routine maintenance.
5. The "V” shaped chamber lid gasket is made of high-density material, which ensures sealing performance.
6. Service life of sealing tape can be extended by using compressed and wearing resistance material, and change frequency can be also reduced.
6. Variable adjustment of the working angle can be changed as required in 0-15 degree for packing of product with liquid.
4. The main structure of the automatic continuous vacuum packaging machine is made of 304 Stainless Steel to ensure its elegant appearance as well as the anticorrosion in harsh caustic environment.
8. The vacuum packing equipment is equipped with emergency stop switch. In case of accident, the operator can press the emergency stop switch at any time to terminate the ongoing work program.
9. The heavy duty casters (with brake) on the machine features superior load bearing performance, so the user can move the machine with ease.
10. The efficiency of vacuum packaging work depends on exhaust port of the vacuum pump. The automatic continuous vacuum packaging machine is standard with a vacuum pump as listed in the table. A vacuum pump with higher capacity is available upon different requirements.

Parameter of Vacuum Packing Equipment

Model DZ-1000WF
Machine Dimensions(mm) 1075 × 1620 × 1370
Chamber Dimensions(mm) 420 × 1080 × 160
Sealer Dimensions(mm) 1000 × 8 × 2
Pump Capacity(m³/h) 100
Power Consumption(kW) 3
Electrical Requirement(v/Hz) 380/50
Working Cycle(times/min) 1-2
Net Weight(kg) 600
Shipping Dimensions(mm) 1150 × 1690 × 1550
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