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DZQ-600L external strip vacuum sealer works by putting aspirating hole inside the packaging bag, removing the air from the bag, taking out the aspirating hole and completing the sealing.
The vacuum packing is primarily designed for big vacuum packaging package, which makes use of aspirating hole to achieve vacuum.
Without the limitation of product’s size, the external strip vacuum sealer can assure the work efficiency and exquisite appearance.

Application of Vacuum Packing

DZQ-600L external strip vacuum sealer is suitable for meat, rice and traditional Chinese medicine, gas flush and sealing, which avoid oxygenation, keep them fresh.
Vacuum Packaging Machine

Technical characters of Vacuum Packing

1. The user can preset exhaust, gas filling and sealing process when required. The preset packing procedure can be completed by just pressing the start button.
2. The external strip vacuum sealer is equipped with emergency stop switch. In case of accident, the operator may press the emergency stop switch at any time to terminate the ongoing work program to make the equipment restore the initial state
3. Double-cylinder dual-mouth structure is adopted. The exhaust (charge) speed is faster and the work efficiency is higher.
4. Equipped with high efficiency, speediness vacuum pump, the external strip vacuum sealer can reach high vacuum degree.
5. Chamber vacuum sealer is equipped with heavy-duty mobile caster wheels and sturdy foot with good loading capacity and stability to make it easier when user moving the position.

Technology specification of Vacuum Packing

Model DZQ-600L/S DZQ-600L
Machine Dimensions(mm) 730 × 700 × 1800 730 × 700× 1800
Sealer Type Double Sealer Single Sealer
Sealer Dimensions(mm) 600 × 10 × 2 600 × 10
Sealer Power Consumption(kW) 1 0.6
Pump Capacity(m3/h) 20 20
Pump Power Consumption(kW) 0.9 0.9
Electrical Requirement(v/Hz) 220/50 220/50
Production Cycle 2-3 Time/Min 2-3 Time/Min
Conveyor Adjustment Range (mm) 0-700 0-700
Distance Between Conveyor Working Table and Ground (mm) 370 370
Net Weight(kg) 105 105
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